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Metal Wall Pieces

Elisabett Gudmann is a Northern California based artist focused on creating works infused with color, texture, and form.   


The complex and physically demanding process involves laboriously etching the metal surfaces to create detailed textures and imagery in relief. Unique and intricate patina colors are achieved by working with a variety of caustic chemicals, layering colors and often employing a reductive technique. Although primarily working with metals, she also incorporates contrasting materials such as charred wood, concrete, mixed media and glass into her work.


Her imagery evolves through layered complexity; a very time consuming and often chaotic and messy process of working with acids and chemicals to create textures, patterns and colors on the metal.  Influences of abstract expressionism infuse her work, striking a balance between the abstract and the recognizable, often evoking references to natural and man-made environments.


The sculptures by the collaborative duo of Elisabett Gudmann and Kirk H. Slaughter transcend the starker aesthetics of minimalism by combining a clean architectural context with sensual sophistication. 


Their most recent work revolves around the concept of contrast and materials, juxtaposing both surface textures and colors.  This is accomplished utilizing bronze casting, metal fabrication, assembly, and carving techniques. The sculptures are realized in bronze, stainless steel and charred wood.

Gudmann and Slaughter, a couple, take different approaches to their creative endeavors and have merged their diverse talents, styles and skills to create this body of work.  They collaborate throughout the entire process in their combined studio, from conception and construction to completion.


A San Francisco native, Gudmann received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Sacramento.


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