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A  B  O  U  T

ten|CONTEMPORARY is a contemporary art gallery located in Northern California. The permanent exhibition space is in Grass Valley and occupies the second floor of a restored 1940's building in the downtown area. The space features a large, light-filled open floor plan with dramatic 20 foot ceilings.

The gallery is focused on identifying and exhibiting artists who present a contemporary vision to the traditional art forms and who have a unique approach to process, medium, technique and content.  The gallery program is based on representing a limited number of core artists, both regional and international, with an emphasis on sculpture.  This focus allows us to dedicate our efforts on expanding their profiles by actively participating in national art fairs, by featuring rotating exhibitions and by providing private and corporate art consulting services and public art placement.  


ten|CONTEMPORARY is part of a growing number of galleries and artists who are active in the international contemporary art market yet aren’t based in a traditional urban hub.  The predominance of art fairs, the fluid global economy, web-based commerce,  and strong relationships with collectors and curators have made it unnecessary for a gallery to be defined by its location in order to present  conceptually sound,  cutting-edge, and critically engaged high-quality works of contemporary art.


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