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Kurt Steger's deep beliefs as an environmentalist and his interest in time and the way it transforms both natural and man-made elements have helped to shape his narrative.  His use of reclaimed wood, stone and other natural materials enter the realm of metaphor, giving us complex images that speak to themes of loss and impermanence, fear and uncertainty, journey and transformation. 

Steger creates objects froma place of interior knowing, letting go of the labels of beauty and rationality as well as commonly held beliefs of externally imposed concepts.  He strives for the creative process to flow through him, trusting an inherent primal instinct to direct the actions of making sculpture.  Steger works to create a connection to nature in a visual, tactile and symbolic way.  Beauty of form, color, texture and scale is his way to represent his deep passion for the natural world and our place in it.

Kurt Steger works with a wide variety of materials including wood, steel, concrete, bronze, paper and found objects.  With over thirty years of experience, he now works from an intuitive place knowing he can manifest whatever the vision inspires.

Recent exhibitions of his work include the Smithsonian Museum, The Selden Gallery at Roanoke College, Virginia Tech, SDFA Gallery at Jacksonville Center for the Arts, and the Oakland Museum of California, among others.

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