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Mixed Media Painting

Born Budapest, Hungary, 1952

Emigrated to the US in 1991


After stretching the boundaries of figurative depiction, and exploring all of its inherent possibilities in previous works, the artist has recently arrived at this new series. Calling them a series however, is less accurate than considering them a distinctive theme, period, or station in Koranyi's development as an artist. These paintings seem akin to one another based on form, but they occupy a much broader space in terms of their subject matter.

The analysis theme is the continuation of previous figurative studies and paintings by Koranyi. These works convey the mood of a particular situation at that time. The dense nervous system of lines was an accurate depiction of the internal emotional landscape, while the figures' more rigid posture and movements revealed a condition which is usually observed from the outside looking in. It is the furthering of these figurative deptictions through the enlightenment of the figures, and the illumination of their inner structures. The viewer is now able to see and empathize with these fascinating, warm and engaging figures simultaneously from various planes, vantage points and emotional fields.

These new works are striving for complexity and their stature is two-fold; on one hand, the strong contours and overlapping structure of lines in the paintings embody his vast repertoire of printmaking techniques; on the other hand, the elegant deep palette, refined tones and color, and the complex play of brush strokes, all utilize the classic elements of the art of painting.

The figures are sometimes calm and loving, others are in a state of anxiety - especially the ones that appear alone - at other times they attempt to exorcize the demons within. The positive lines (dark) and the negative lines (light) as well as the over lapping contours, give occasion to unravel the subjects dual personality, or to expose its other Id. The overlapping planes, and the imagery superimposed upon them express an element of time, as well. At the same time, these entangled - sometimes seemingly forever entwined system of lines - express the delicate and complex threads of the circle of life.

Koranyi's works are included in the Hungarian National Gallery, the Hermann Otto museum, the Mihaly Museum and the Janos Museum in Hungary, and are included in many public and private collections throughout the world.

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