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Sculpture and Painting


A childhood fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood evolved into an intensely energetic creative drive.    From metal sculpture to monumental canvases, Gale Hart’s repertoire of visual images grabs, engages, and speaks volumes about universal humanity.  A narrative characterized by humor, angst and sarcasm presents itself through a constantly evolving cast of characters and subject matters.


Hart’s recent series of enlarged firearm sculptures and projectiles examine the disturbing concept of weapons being used to maintain peace.  Since the beginning of time with rocks, arrows and spears - to modern day bullets, missiles and bombs - projectiles are constantly evolving to be larger, faster, and more accurate.  Often referencing those primitive weapons, she enhances and expands the concept by including abstracted versions of those historical weapons into her contemporary sculptures.


With her new series of bullet sculptures Hart is poking fun at the manufacturing, implementation and advancing of weaponry with the notion to “keep the peace”.  Far too many people believe the misguided idea that more weaponry will make the world a safer place.  Hart’s exploration of the politically charged and controversial subject convincingly concludes that there are no machines so varied, so beautifully crafted and yet so equally disturbing as firearms.


Gale Hart is a Northern California based artist and activist.  Her award winning works have been exhibited widely throughout the US.

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