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Sculptor Patrice Racois maintains an exclusive or almost fusional relationship with metal.  Racois highlights the material, its nobility, its dynamism and its supple resistance; metal becomes living matter in his hands.  Man, material and nature are omnipresent. 


The artist's works in stainless steel play on the mirror effect of the metal, making it an important element of the object and metaphorically exposing the condition of modern man.  When viewing these works, the viewer sees himself reflected back and is thus de facto participating in the elaboration of the work.  The sculptures give an air of eternity that escapes all control of time and space by their very particular way of blending into (reflecting) the surrounding environment.  When he speaks of his work focusing on the knot form, he willingly uses terms borrowed from the natural domain, as if the sculpture were a bouquet of twisting vines, while at the same time recognizing the bold abstract quality. 


All the pieces compete with attractiveness and self-esteem whether it is brushed satin, satin or polished. Each one contributes to an exemplary perfection. The sculptor humanizes his work thanks to the polishing which according to him: "... plays with the light (and) gives a soul to the whole, makes organic but also aesthetic this cold material. Thus shaped, the metal loses the ungrateful connotation that bequeathed to it the industrial use."


Patrice Racois is an international artist based in France.  His formal education in industrial mechanics and structural welding forms the basis for his work.  He has exhibited widely throughout Europe and his sculptures are included in many prestigious private and public collections world-wide.

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