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Theodore Gall has been working with metal since his early days as an artist. His compelling sculptures are most often placed in thought provoking situations, presenting familiar images in unexpected combinations and contexts.

His apt insight into the human condition and wry observations of political trends are at the core of his creativity. Gall's works are inventively interactive with components that allow the figure to change stance or suggest motion. Additionally, his series of bronze heads are uniquely articulated with layers that literally open to reveal new elements and insights, and expand on the theme of the piece. The sculptures encourage peeling back layers to reveal hidden truths, hypocrisies, and primal instincts. Through masks or hinged layers his work explores humanity's multiple personas and evolutionary opportunities.

Theodore Gall studied at both the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art, and has served as a consultant to the Art Institute as well as the Illinois Arts Council. His work is included in many notable public and private collections, including President Jimmy Carter, Walt Disney Corporation, McDonald's Corporation, The IL State Museum, and Standard Oil, among others. He lives and works in Southern California.

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