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Mixed Media

Chris Rom and Geoff Buddie are a married couple who work together to create objects reflecting their shared aesthetic. The narrative and often playful pieces are made from a diverse variety of materials including stoneware and porcelain, handfelted wool, recycled rubber, encaustic paint, wood, metals and found objects. Their collaborative process begins at the initital conceptual stage and continues through the actual creation and execution of the work.

Quite a few of their pieces are created solely for the purpose of interaction. Many of the parts are intended to be moved and exchanged for others, and, in doing so, they have provided a format that invites the viewer to contribute their own reponses and perceptions to the piece. They hope that in making work that offers a tactile experience and is visually engaging, they will provide the viewer the opportunity to free their imaginations of adult inhibitions and investigate the way a child does - with curiosity and wonder.

Both Chris Rom and Geoff Buddie earned their BFA's from Bowling Green State University. They live and work in Ohio.

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